Religion and the Rebel reprint from Aristeia Press

The second volume of Wilson’s ‘Outsider Cycle’, Religion and the Rebel, will be reprinted by Aristeia Press after several decades of unavailability. Unnecessarily dismissed during it’s original publication some six decades ago, it remains something of a hidden gem in the Wilson canon – I vividly recall finding a first Gollancz edition in the late Eighties and was completely dazzled by it. You can get it here


One thought on “Religion and the Rebel reprint from Aristeia Press

  1. I found a second-hand copy in a Reigate shop in 1968 for ONE shilling (5p in new money)! I found it a revelation with the long autobiographical Intro. As I reviewed on Goodreads (a yr or two ago) I think it is in some ways even better than Outsider. And the backlash from the press was shocking; I have a scathing review from The Times Lit Supplement and the reviewer doesn’t even have the balls to give his name! I think Herbert Read rated it? (Not sure if my memory is serving me well.) It was my intro to so many writers like Pascal, Kierkeggard and Whitehead! CW was, in fact responsible for a lot of my subsequent reading. (I wont be the first to say that!)


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