2018 CW Conference…and last year’s 

The second International Colin Wilson Conference will be held on Friday July the 6th, 2018 at Nottingham University. Full details here but hurry! Half of the allocated places have already been taken. Those not able to attend last year’s’ successful conference can read all the relevant papers in a beautifully produced hardcover published by Cambridge Scholars. Not only does this volume sit neatly on the shelf with their Colin Wilson – Collected Essays on Philosphers it is also available for a strictly limited time at a reduced price if purchased from their website. This volume contains the transcripts of the papers presented at that inaugural one-day conference on July 1, 2016. Experts, scholars and fans, from around the globe, gathered to hear and present papers on a variety of Wilson-related topics ranging from Existentialism to the Occult; from H.P. Lovecraft to Jack the Ripper; and from Science Fiction to Transcendental Evolution.


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