The Sound Barrier

Published November 14, 2011
The Sound Barrier: a study of the ideas of Colin Wilson.
Sidney R. Campion

Originally written in 1963 as a sequel to The World of Colin Wilson, Sidney R. Campion’s assessment of the early work of Colin Wilson—including much of the ‘Outsider Cycle’ and the accompanying novels—failed to find a publisher at the time, despite being amended by Wilson and enhanced by quotations from his journals. Eventually abandoned and forgotten for over 40 years, Wilson scholars will see the publication of The Sound Barrier as an invaluable addition to Colin Wilson studies concentrating, as it does, on that particularly fruitful and important stage in the author’s career.
Sidney R. Campion (1891-1978), author, journalist, barrister, lecturer, schoolmaster, sculptor, was born in Coalville, Leicestershire. From 1940 until retirement in 1957, he was Head of the Press and Broadcast Division of the GPO. Publications included: Sunlight on the Foothills (1941), Towards the Mountains (1943) and The World of Colin Wilson (1962).

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