C.W. Festschrift

Around the Outsider, a collection of essays presented to Colin to mark his forthcoming 80th birthday, is available at Amazon now. Edited by Colin Stanley, it offers appreciations from CW scholars on their favourite CW book. Contents are:

Preface by Colin Stanley

The Fiction.
An Acceptance of Complexity: Ritual in the Dark by Nicholas Tredell
Fighting against Sleep: Necessary Doubt as a Phenomenological Thriller by Thomas F. Bertonneau
The Mind Parasites: Wilson, Husserl, Plotinus by Stephen R. L. Clark
The Philosopher’s Stone: a cosmic adventure story for the 21st Century by Simon Brighton

The No-Fiction.
The Outsider: From Existentialism to Enlightenment by Steve Taylor
Intentionality is the key (Introduction to the New Existentialism) by Colin Stanley
Poetry and Mysticism by Gary Lachman
Colin Wilson’s New Pathways in Psychology by Colin Stanley
The Missing Writer’s Manual (Craft of the Novel) by Chris Nelson
A retrospective look at Mysteries from the perspective of parapsychology by Stanley Krippner, PhD
The Haunted Man (The Strange Genius of David Lindsay) by Murray Ewing
Colin Wilson’s Access to Inner Worlds by David Power
Brockengespenst Horror (A Criminal History of Mankind) by Philip Coulthard
In my Father’s house are many mansions. John, 14.2 (Beyond the Occult) by George C. Poulos
Colin Wilson’s The Books in My Life by Antoni Diller
Colin Wilson & ‘The Joyous Overplus’ (Dreaming to Some Purpose) by Paul Newman
Super Consciousness: the literary crux by Geoff Ward

Appendix One:
The Man Who Saw the Future, Colin Wilson and T. C. Lethbridge: A Personal Appreciation by Terry Welbourn

Appendix Two:
Dawn-Young-Heaven by Laura Del Rivo

Appendix Three:
scuba-ing for colin wilson by Vaughan Robertson (aka Rapatahana)
Notes on Contributors

20120107-013406 AM.jpg
Colin Stanley speaking at the Around the Outsider launch at Notts Uni.


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