Colin Wilson documentary crowdfunding page is live

A crowdfunding page for a projected Colin Wilson documentary entitled Dreaming To Some Purpose: The Life and Times of Colin Wilson is now live and seeking donations. The award winning filmmakers are “extremely passionate about our campaign to realize this authorized biography of the life and work of the internationally acclaimed writer and philosopher because seven years after his death, the need for a Wilson documentary is increasingly apparent. We are seeking support from Wilsonians the world over to contribute what you can to help fund this project. The plan is to make a comprehensive, two-part history of Wilson’s life, from his early days as a disaffected teenager to the success of The Outsider and Wilson’s unexpected celebrity, to his later career as a leading philosopher of consciousness and his last days as a grand old man of English letters. Wilson’s family, people who knew him, and people deeply influenced by his work, will contribute onscreen interviews to tell the story of the original Outsider”. 

This is a vital project which needs your support – for as the filmmakers go on to say, despite Wilson’s huge body of work (now housed at the University of Nottingham) and his continued cult status, “it seemed that there was a reluctance by the media to acknowledge his unique contribution to the literature of the 20th century”. This project will address that imbalance by treating Wilson’s philosophical ideas seriously and “ensure that Colin’s unique contribution to the world of literature will finally be recognised”. 

Please donate at this page


3 thoughts on “Colin Wilson documentary crowdfunding page is live

  1. As a life long fan of Colin Wilson I wonder about the conflation of his name with the word ‘literature.’ I am tempted to say he will have no lasting legacy if we look at his work in the context of literature. Although I enjoy his fiction and I have even written about his Spider World series myself in glowing terms I can’t see it standing up to scrutiny if, for example comparing it with Tolkein, Poe or the likes of Elias Canetti or Jose Saramago (the bar IS high!) Much better to focus on his ideas and put them into a philosopical context I think. As a cult figure he looms large and perhaps this is what the film will focus on?


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