Adrift in Soho and Ironfoot Jack

Pablo Brehens’ long awaited film adaptation of Colin Wilson’s classic beat novel Adrift in Soho opens at Leicester Square, starting from Wednesday the 14th of November. Full details here.

20120108-102007-PM.jpgADRIFT IN SOHO took years of research to find out what really happened in those last few years before the 60s began.  The result is a film full of wonderment but also a film that makes you think and demands your attention because the characters are talking to you and not just trying to make you dream.

One of the characters portrayed in the film (and Wilson’s novel) is Ironfoot Jack, the self-anointed ‘king of the bohemians’. A carbon copy of the manuscript of his autobiography was found amongst Colin Wilson’s papers by his bibliographer Colin Stanley, who has now edited it for publication.

The Surrender of Silence is published by Strange Attractor at £12.99 and is available direct from their website.


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