Religion and the Rebel – reprint from Aristeia Press

Religion and the Rebel Cover SmashwordsColin Wilson’s second book has been reprinted by Aristeia Press with a new introduction by Gary Lachman. It was generally critically scorned in 1957 but nowadays reads just as well – if not better – than his debut; it is a book in serious need of reappraisal. Out of print for decades, this is a welcome reissue of a lost classic. Watch the Aristeia Press website and this space for other rare Wilson texts to be reissued…


4 thoughts on “Religion and the Rebel – reprint from Aristeia Press

  1. Eric Nicholson

    I think in my review on Goodreads I said it was even better than The Outsider. I got a used brown backed hardback in Reigate in 1968 for ONE shilling. I devoured the autobiographical details which were not published anywhere else then!

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    1. Bargain! The same publisher are reprinting several important CW titles in the near future as quite a few things are out of print and some of them are getting very scarce – you’d pay more than a shilling for a first ed of Religion & the Rebel now!

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    1. Ah yes, and you quote: “His formal education had been slight. Having read it [The Outsider] some people thought it mere rubbish. Others feared that overpraise might go to the young man’s head. This fear he more than once seemed to justify by making public statements in which it was not impossible to detect. . megalomania.” So the TLS hasn’t changed it’s opinion much then!

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