Existential Literary Criticism – CW Studies # 23

The work goes on.

Colin Wilson’s
Existential Literary Criticism:
a guide for students
Colin Stanley

For nearly sixty years, throughout his career, Colin Wilson has championed existential criticism, asserting that a book should not just be judged by the tenets of literary criticism or theory alone but also on what it has to say, in particular about the meaning and purpose of existence.
​In this study, a companion to his students’ guides to Colin Wilson’s ‘Outsider Cycle’ (Paupers’ Press, 2009) and ‘Occult Trilogy’ (Axis Mundi, 2013), Colin Stanley provides assessments of nine of his subject’s essential book-length studies on existential criticism and bibliographical details for the hundreds of essays and reviews he has written during the course of his long career.
​Appended to this is Wilson’s groundbreaking essay ‘Existential Criticism’ first published in The Chicago Review in 1959.
Due January 6th, 2014
201 pages. Paperback. £12.95.
I.S.B.N. 9780956866349
(Colin Wilson Studies #23)

Pre-publication offer: £11.95 (including postage/packing to UK addresses and delivery before Christmas)
Pay by PayPal to: stan2727uk@aol.com
or cheque, payable to Colin Stanley, from:
Paupers’ Press, 37 Quayside Close, Trent Bridge, Nottingham NG2 3BP.

Footnote: After generally disappointing run of the mill obituaries, Colin Stanley has written a rather more considered tribute. These two assertions stand out –
Those critics who have failed to see and appreciate [Wilson’s] talent are invariably those who have been intimidated by such a vast body of work and unable to distinguish between his ephemeral and essential books.
And –
When all is said and done, it is in [the] field of Consciousness Studies, that his true legacy lies.


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