Paul Newman – a personal memory

I’m very sad to report that Paul Newman, editor of Abraxas magazine, amongst other talents, passed away recently. I was aware of Paul’s struggle with illness several years ago. I finally got to meet him at the Around the Outsider launch after years of amusing off-on correspondence via Abraxas. In my nascent days of Wilson fandom he was an invaluable link to the man himself, providing signed books* hot from Tetherdown, and up the minute information before the web took over. An extremely pleasant and knowledgeable man, Paul wrote several books, and I would recommend his autobiography, which turned out to be his final published work.

* Via the Abraxas book signing service, which I became aware of through the back page of CW’s Ouspensky biography in 1993, I managed to get Colin to sign my copy of Voyage to a Beginning as “Lord Leicester” – a disguised self portrait from The Mind Parasites. Neither Paul or Colin himself got the reference and thought I was merely being inventive!



4 thoughts on “Paul Newman – a personal memory

  1. I used to contribute to Abraxas and write to Paul – thanks for noting his death here, although I am sad to hear about it; and I realize I had not been in touch since I bought (what turned out to be) the last issue of Abraxas. I cannot find Paul’s autobiography on the link provided – any other suggestions? I’m keen to read it, because I used to live in the nextdoor village to Nailsea (i.e. Backwell).


    1. Hello Bruce, I remember your name from Abraxas, of course. Regarding Paul’s autobiography, it appears to have vanished, as you say. Your best bet to find out why would be to contact CW’s bibliographer, Colin Stanley at Paupers’ Press.


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