Paupers’ Press – 30 Years Young This Year!

Paupers’ Press is 30 years old this February.
As part of the Paupers’ Press 30th anniversary celebrations, you are invited to join Colin Stanley, Managing Editor of Paupers’ Press , and Adam Daly, author of The Outsider-Writer, who will be in conversation at the European Bookshop, 5 Warwick Street, London W1B 5LU (off Regent Street) at 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 7th 2013. The topics covered will be Colin Wilson, author of The Outsider (1956), and his connection with Paupers’ Press; and Outsider-Writers: Fernando Pessoa, Carlo-Emilio Gadda, and Blaise Cendrars. Adam Daly will also discuss some of his other work, past and present, and his concerns as a writer. After the discussion there will be a question and answer session.

Admission is free, and refreshments will be available.


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