New CW Study

The Outsider-Writer

Adam Daly
Volume 1:
Colin Wilson, Albert Camus,
‘Walking’ John Stewart, John Cowper Powys, Fernando Pessoa, Carlo Emilio Gadda.
Foreword by Paul Newman
(Editor of Abraxas)

Adam Daly writes: “The Outsider-Writer is an attempt to re-launch a marginalized branch of studies that has lain somewhat dormant since Colin Wilson wrote the ‘Outsider-Cycle’ over half a century ago.” In the first volume of this monumental two-volume study, he presents lengthy assessments of some of the ‘heavyweights’ and cameos of several female Outsider-Writers including: Jean Rhys, Ann Quin, Emily Dickinson, Dorothy Richardson, Lucy Swan, Jane Gaskell and Sylvia Plath. His aim is to: “redress the balance, and in the process shake up the cosy conspiratorial consensus of the academic mainstream, the cultural establishment, and the corporate commercial market, in setting out an intransigently Radical Agenda for the emancipation of all writers who feel out of step and sympathy with fashionable literary genres, nostrums and tastes…”
[Colin Wilson Studies # 20/1]


Volume 1: 978-0-9568663-0-1
Due: June 18, 2012. Paper. c.380p., £16.95.
[Volume 2 will appear in November 2012]

Pre-publication offer: £12 (inc. postage to the UK)
Cheques payable to Colin Stanley, please, or e-mail us at to pay by PayPal
Paupers’ Press, 37 Quayside Close, Trent Bridge, Nottingham, United Kingdom NG2 3BP
Tel/Fax: 01159863334


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