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Philosophy Now CW Meetup

Jason Palmer, creator of the Facebook group Colin Wilson Is A Better Philosopher Than Sartre (previously mentioned on VR’s “Critique 2” piece on this site) invites all interested parties in London on February 27th to discuss all things Wilsonian. More info here.

Colin Stanley Q&A

Ten questions for Colin Stanley, on the genesis of his Paupers’ Press, collecting CW, and taking on the large task of the Wilson bibliography. Thanks to Colin for answering the questions. 1. Colin, your “aptly named” Paupers’ Press imprint has produced a lot of interesting titles but you’re best known as Colin Wilson’s bibliographer. How … Continue reading

Philosophy of The Future

Like the previous excerpt, intended for CW’s own website project but never used. Beyond the Outsider (1965) In September 1961 I set out on my first lecture tour of the United States. It proved harder work than I expected. I often visited several colleges or universities a week, and probably talked non-stop for five or … Continue reading

The Nu Exi

This summary of The New Existentialism was originally intended for a website Colin Wilson was working on which would have included “all of my books in summary”. No mean feat, unfortunately it was never completed. This essay previously appeared at the last version of this site. Introduction the the New Existentialism (1966) I regard this … Continue reading

Adrift in Soho/Furnished Room

Five Leaves Press of Nottingham have reissued one of Wilson’s best novels, Adrift in Soho, alongside Laura del Rivo’s The Furnished Room. Full reviews coming soon! Meanwhile…

The Sound Barrier

Published November 14, 2011 The Sound Barrier: a study of the ideas of Colin Wilson. by Sidney R. Campion   Originally written in 1963 as a sequel to The World of Colin Wilson, Sidney R. Campion’s assessment of the early work of Colin Wilson—including much of the ‘Outsider Cycle’ and the accompanying novels—failed to … Continue reading