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CW in “the world’s most unusual magazine”

There’s an excellent (2007) interview with Colin Wilson at New Dawn magazine, available here. Choice quote – “As a thinker I place Edmund Husserl and his phenomenology at the centre of my approach, and I point out that it was because of certain simple logical errors that Sartre, Camus and Heidegger end as pessimists. When … Continue reading

Colin Wilson’s Existential Literary Criticism – a review.

Colin Wilson’s Existential Literary Criticism [Colin Wilson Studies # 23] By Colin Stanley (Paupers’ Press, 2014) The third in the ‘guide for students’ series on Colin Wilson’s work and the 23rd instalment in the Colin Wilson Studies series sees Wilson’s bibliographer turning his attention to one of Wilson’s best inventions – Existential Literary Criticism. Existential … Continue reading