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Adrift in Soho essay

Colin Stanley has an essay on Adrift in Soho at the London Fictions website. “Despite the ‘swinging sixties’, Wilson maintained this stance, against the use of drugs to induce higher states of consciousness, preferring more intellectually-based methods.”

Transhuman, all too Transhuman

Two books published in the Colin Wilson Studies series are very contemporary – yet the contents are four decades old. As a reader of Wilson since the last century, reading a ‘new’ book by him is an unusual experience now. Despite knowing that his uncollected or unpublished work is a rich seam, it’s an odd … Continue reading

Fortean Times CW obituary… with help from VIZ Comic

The latest issue of Fortean Times (FT310) has an excellent and lengthy (two full pages) obit by Gary Lachman which puts most of the attempts in the nationals to shame. Reading Wilson, Lachman concludes, “makes our inner gears a little bit stronger.” The letters page has a brilliant cartoon of CW from VIZ cartoonist Davey … Continue reading