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Colin Wilson World – redesigned site

Geoff Ward’s excellent Wilson site has been given a graphic sprinkling of digital fairy dust with lots of new features and a spanking new design. Highly recommended! See it here.

Novels to Some Purpose by Nicholas Tredell (CW Studies # 25) 

 Novels to Some Purpose: The Fiction of Colin Wilson by Nicolas Tredell  [Colin Wilson Studies # 25] Colin Wilson (1931-2013), best known for studies such as The Outsider (1956), Introduction to the New Existentialism (1966), The Occult (1971), considered his fiction to be an integral part of his oeuvre, often deliberately linking a novel … Continue reading


Liber vel Bogus: The Real Confession of Aleister Crowley by Richard T. Cole. (TBC) If Colin Wilson were still around he would have doubtless recommended, if not introduced this unusual title.  This soon to be released book has succeeded in causing some concern amongst custodians of Aleister Crowley’s legacy, but it deserves to be read by … Continue reading

Publishing news: An End to Murder, plus The Ultimate Colin Wilson Bibliography

Two important Wilson texts are to be released this year. Colin Stanley is to release the final, definitive version of his very comprehensive Wilson bibliography next month. Limited to just 50 numbered copies – now 49 as I’ve just bought one – it can be obtained for £25 including UK post if ordered before publication … Continue reading

Polari Ontology – Buried Wilson # 1 (A34. c. )*

This is the debut of what will be a long series of Wilson quotes illustrated by some retro cover art from my comprehensive library. First editions will be mined, beautifully trashy paperbacks, old newsprint and xeroxes will be reanimated. My intention is to unearth forgotten licks amongst the usual Wilson riffs – so there’ll be … Continue reading

Colin Wilson Memorial, St. James Church Piccadilly, Oct. 14th

The impressive church in Piccadilly was a perfect location for a celebration of the life and works of Colin Wilson. For not only had Colin spoke there previously – on Superconsciousness – not only had it served as a memorial location for Robert Graves, St. James was also the scene of William Blake’s christening several … Continue reading

Colin Wilson Conference 2016

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of The Outsider, Nottingham University will be hosting a Colin Wilson Conference with four speakers (to be confirmed) plus an exhibition of Wilson materials from their Manuscripts and Special Collections Department. Full details on how delegates can attend and who will be speaking will follow later but places are strictly … Continue reading

More vintage Wilson reissued

Wilson’s long out of print work on music, The Brandy of the Damned, has been reissued by Foruli Classics. “Dedicated to bringing the best music and popular culture books back into print.” I’m not sure if this is the shorter UK version or the expanded US version, but it incorporates some of the artwork from … Continue reading

Colin Wilson Memorial Service

From Colin’s bibliographer and friend, Colin Stanley – There is to be a Memorial Service for Colin at St James’s Church, 197 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LL at 3pm on Tuesday October 14, 2014. Everyone is welcome and I look forward to meeting up with those of you who are able to attend.

CW in “the world’s most unusual magazine”

There’s an excellent (2007) interview with Colin Wilson at New Dawn magazine, available here. Choice quote – “As a thinker I place Edmund Husserl and his phenomenology at the centre of my approach, and I point out that it was because of certain simple logical errors that Sartre, Camus and Heidegger end as pessimists. When … Continue reading


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